AR Game

This is a local multiplayer augmented reality game, where one of the players plays with a real sand! By moving the sand you can terraform the game level and help the scorpio who can stay only on yellow sand to catch the dodo. Or you can play as a dodo with a controller and try to collect all five apples in order to win the game. 


Developer:  Aleksandra Iakusheva

                       Julian Schönbächler

Genre:         Augmented reality arcade

Engine:        Unity 3D

Mode:          Multiplayer

Platform:    PC

The game was developed as a student project on the base of Julian Löhr's AR-SANDBOX.

With the help of Kinect we measure the height level of sand in the box and use these values for our terrain shader. There are four terrain types now: water, sand, grass and mountains. If there is enough amount of water an oasis will be created around the lake.

The sand in the box can be moved and the game level will change accordingly in real time.

Aleksandra Iakusheva